10 Things CRM Can Perform For Your Business Growth


If you know what CRM is, you must also have heard that you have a high ROI (Return On Investment) to implement an easy – to – use CRM application for your business.

The implementation of CRM software is now worthwhile for any business, whether large or small, as there are numerous advantages of adopting a CRM to find rapid growth.

If you don’t yet know all about your business ‘ CRM platform, here are the top ten things your business can do with an easy – to – use CRM:

1. Streamline Manual Process

CRM software ensures your business growth that your postal notices, small paper clippings, excel spreadsheets, or left out in an email client, contain lead and outlooks.

This is because all the leads generated are inputted into the CRM software immediately after you implement a CRM for your business to automate the acceleration of your sales process.

2. Easy Sharing Of Data

Each employee of your company will have access to a unified platform with an easy to use CRM solution available and receive the same updated information about their leads, prospects, and customers.

Easy data sharing through CRM software, therefore, eliminate duplication of data and information, preventing your staff from maintaining silo databases, which can easily be lost when someone leaves your company.

In order to enhance customer experience, the CRM implementation helps management as well as their teams easily access identical marketing, sales, and customer support data.

3. Assist in Departmental Systems Integration

Most all-in-one CRM systems offer integration facilities so that all departments in your organization like operations, accounting, and customer support can access identifying information as the users using the CRM in marketing and sales.

Therefore, once you implement your CRM platform, you need to hire an experienced CRM consultant who can help you to create a fully integrated CRM solution for your business.

In fact, there are CRM vendors that provide built-in accounts module in the CRM like QuickBooks CRM platform that offers automatic integration and ties directly into sales and marketing modules in the CRM for rapid business growth.  

4. Offer Mobility and Synchronization of Data

Several remote mobility options are now available. Like accessing data through a Virtual Private Network (VPN), exchanging data through a remote connection (synchronization), or finding access to a database from any smartphone or smart handheld device with the help of a web browser.

Thus, data stored in the CRM these days can be conveniently accessed and easily exchanged so that all remote users of the software have the same information as users who use the office-based CRM software.

 5. Simplify and Consolidate

The easiest to use CRM software platforms provide “Canned” reports to cover any business’s most prevalent needs, such as call reporting.

There are, however, several CRM solutions that integrate robust report writers capable of bundling a purchase report.

Specific reporting requirements can thus be met through working with a CRM consultant with report creation skills expertise.

 6. Integrate with Email

Like data access via a virtual private network (VPN), remote connection exchange data (synchronization), or web browser access to a database from any smartphone or smart handheld device.

7. Aid in Web Site Integration

Many CRM platforms are easy to use and can provide website forms that visitors can fill in and submit directly to the database of the CRM solution to create documents, schedule phone appeals or send an email.

This Web-to-Form function is a specialized function not possible in every CRM platform. So make sure you ask for it while buying your CRM.

8. Manage Activities In Real Time

CRM is running in real time. This means that customer data is managed as it is created in real time in the CRM database.

Robust and effective CRM software solutions, therefore, help software users review their activities using the software’s real-time dashboards and query capabilities.

9. Provide Data Security

Whether you’re using on-site or cloud-based CRM software, CRM software provides group-level security as well as email encryption capabilities to secure information in the CRM database.

 In addition, if the application is built into a SQL backend environment, additional security measures can also be applied by your IT staff to the CRM data.

10. Customize Data Access

To access data from specific modules in the software, you can easily set permissions for CRM users. That means that only those who are eligible can view and modify specific CRM data, which helps to secure important information in your business and does not allow everyone to manipulate data in your CRM database once you restrict their entries.


CRM is, therefore, software that not only enables you to manage your customers but also allows you to use your CRM solution to generate far more impactful results as a potential tool and technology that can help you find rapid business growth if used wisely.

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